Aiming for innovation:

Using service design and gamification to discover unique solutions

The brief

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) wanted a partner application for the 2019 Australian International Airshow to help drive engagement with the broader air force before, during, and after the event. The timeframe was 8 weeks.

The app needed to:

  • Excite, engage, and educate people from 16 years of age and above.
  • Augment the physical experience at the air show
  • Showcase air force capability

Gamifying augmented reality

The first task I undertook was to design the experience loop and reward system. I needed to create the core systems/features and their interactions to enable an organic in-experience economy. Part of the challenge here was understanding how the physical event was going to be setup and run, as the users would be scanning posters at the outside event to spawn the AR aircraft. 

Beyond this, the RAAF had a high priority business need to inform and educate users to help drive interest in the air force as a career, as well as wanting to draw attention to the other types of work available in the force.

I created an economy that:

  • Had a rank and level system in alignment with the Air Forces ranks
  • Utilised multiple features and content streams to create variety in both content and those interested in it
  • Distributed experience throughout all the systems and features, rewarding the user both in app and with physical prizes too
  • Allowed the users to move through experience levels and ranks independently to promote both digital and physical aspects of the app