Lead Product Designer

GovTrack Apps and Locus Innovations

As the resident human centred designer my role has encompassed a range of capabilities.
I have designed and facilitated kickoff workshops, discovery workshops, ideation workshops
Run and synthesised contextual enquiry sessions, user research, and usability sessions
UX/UI Designer
Ideated, sketched, wire-framed, and designed product screens, features, and experiences
Strategic design and Business analysis
Undertaken market research, investigating competitors, conducting a competitor analysis, and applying a strategic lens to identify the most viable opportunity areas for our product.

The problem statement:
How might we redefine the experience of gathering pertinent and valuable information about Parliament and Government activities so that we can empower users to more effectively identify actionable insights and outputs.

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Iterative design

I explored 2 designs before we landed on the version displayed above. We tested these with stakeholders, users, and the team to validate the raw concept. Through a competitor analysis and discussions with our industry SMEs we began to explore ideal features for the proof of concept. This work invalidated some of the below designs and enabled us to start ideating towards the product above.