A tiny game of giant proportions

A PC gaming experience where you play as a 3mm person in a real-sized world.

Named MaCro as the entire game was toying around with utilising perspective as a main mechanic in the experience. The game is narrative driven, with the player guiding their character through the stages of teenage maturation, exploration, and uncovering harsh truths and realities.

The genre is a Metroidvania-platform-isometric-sidescroller.

The concept

MaCro aims to be an immersive and beautiful game, set in a real-sized world with a tiny protagonist searching for answers unknown to his tribe.

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Consent & Show

Production responsibilities

and contributions

My role during development was Game Designer and Associate Producer. My primary role within production, saw me assisting the Producer by motivating the team to reach goals and deadlines, ensuring efficient and effective development of each sprint stage to assist my Producer in reaching our established goals, and being a sound board and voice of reason for design and project direction decisions.

Design responsibilities

and contributions

In relation to my design job, I was to ensure documentation was accurate, up-to-date, and producing new content (if needed) for implementation. I designed the games core-economy systems, rounded out the mechanics, and redesigned elements of the game to ensure balance. I was also responsible for a lot of testing and setting up the in-game tutorial systems (videos included) for players.