UX/UI Designer

PwC - Product Makers Club

It's better to show than tell.
Below are the simple designs I built for our product idea: Nudge.

I was responsible for putting together the prototype in Figma, where we rapidly created a simple and interactive concept.
My designs were used to build a functioning version using React Native

Kierin Cini, Mich Oechsle,
Jo Pforr, Rachel McCloskey,
Lakruwan Pemasiri, Ryan Whitmore

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The above photos demonstrate how we decided on the problem we were going to solve, and the activities we used to generate the ideas and concepts which birthed Nudge.

Step 1:
Initial brainstorm - We put down topics, problems, and ideas that mattered to us.
Step 2:
Voting - We discussed each idea and had a total of 3 votes to allocate
Step 3:
Crazy 8's - An activity which allowed us to create lots of quick and unique ideas
Step 4:
Voting - Narrowed the crazy 8's down to 1 key idea
Step 5:
Mapped out a simple logic flow to test our thinking and interactions of the user

Figma file here