Ryan has been working in industry in a variety of design capacities for roughly 4 years, where he is constantly striving to improve his best practice, keen to learn new skills and tools to amplify his professional capacity. 
Ryan is a vibrant and quirky person who likes to channel this in his work.

Outside of work, he is an avid snowboarder, mountain bike rider, gamer, and dancer. 
Ryan leans on his hobbies and interests to help fuel his creative ideas and passion for his work.

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Certificates and Qualifications

  • Advanced Diploma of Games Design and Production 

      (AIE Australia)

  • Human Centered Service Design (IDEO U)

Ways of working

Agile methodologies
Scrum frameworks
Digital Service Standard (DSS) / DTA approach

     Discovery - Alpha - Beta - Live

The design sprint
Design thinking
Human centred design

Digital design skills

Service design
Interaction design
User experience
User interface
Visual design

User research
2D animation
Graphic design
Web design
Information architecture

Game design skills 

Game design
Level design
User interface
Economy design

Whats this dancer to designer you say?

Since year 9 I have been a urban/street/hip-hop dancer. This 10 year career had me run my own business, teach crews at KultureBreak, classes at Project Beats, Impressions Dance and Fitness and a number of public and private schools. 

Being a dancer brought a level of attention to movement and production for me. The meaning that could be communicated by movement and the polish that could be achieved by production had me really focus on how I crafted and designed performances. During this time, I was teaching at a high school in Canberra, whilst also working as a learning support assistant.

Working with children in general, but especially children who needed additional support in the classroom, gave me a certain focus towards empathy and understanding the difficulties and challenges for students on a day-to-day basis. It became my personal goal to understand each child and support them in their learning journeys by differentiating for their needs where possible and showing genuine care for their circumstance.

As time went by I discovered game design and begun studying it, of which I very quickly fell in love with. The freedom of creativity within game development and shear excitement of being able to effectively create anything, had me entranced. Here is where I began to grow my technical skills within design tools and an understanding of how to design digital products.

Little did I know that my experiences as a teacher, dancer, and now games designer, perfectly culminated for the personality, passion, and skills to be a practitioner of human-centred design. I take great pride in caring for my work, for the people I'm ultimately doing the work for, and the craftsmanship of what I produce. 

Being a Product Designer is the job I never knew I was born to do.