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Game Designer

Royal Australian Air Force

The client came to DXC technology for an innovative and exciting mobile app to accompany their contribution to the 2019 Australian International Airshow at Avalon.

Over the course of 8 weeks we ideated and iterated landing on a gamified augmented reality app with educational elements. We then rapidly researched, prototyped, built and tested the product to a successful release to the public. 

I had the opportunity to take on leadership roles in the team, being the lead designer, lead researcher and the main client correspondent.

The Problem

The Royal Australian Air Force had begun to have stagnating showcases and overall experiences at airshows they participated in. With the acquisition of new aircraft and a push to show the RAAF as a 5th generation air force, they wanted a product that could help act as a marketing tool and engagement platform for the public.

Additional to this, the client wanted to leverage the platform as an education and engagement opportunity, allowing people to know more about the RAAF and to aid in recruitment efforts.

The problem statement:
To educate, attract and engage the community at the AIA 19, we need a marketing offering that presents the Airforce as a ‘5th Gen’ organisation.

Gamification and user centred design

One of my key responsibilities was to leverage my experience in game design to create a compelling, fun, and rewarding experience for users.

As an interaction and game designer I undertook the following activities:

  • Designed the app game economies to drive engagement
  • Created prototypes of the product and tested it with users
  • Build the app from my designs in the Unity game engine
  • Create 2D animations
  • Animate aircraft flight paths for the AR experiences
  • Aligned designs with the Royal Australian Air Forces style guide
  • Built out a component library
  • Ensure consistency of service and experience

Additional responsibilities:

  • Supported with some of the 3D modelling, texturing, and animation tasks
  • Main point of contact for the product owner and client
  • Lead client and stakeholder presentations
augmented reality
Interaction design
component library

“Firstly, allow me to clarify I am speaking in my capacity as Product Owner during work with DXC developing the Air Force app. My comments do not represent Air Force or the Department of Defence. These comments are specific to my individual experience with Ryan, and not DXC as a whole. These comments are to be taken Without Prejudice.

My experience with Ryan was, without exception, wholly positive.
His abilities as a designer meant he was able to take broad themes and produce beautiful digital designs which felt new and sleek, yet did not compromise Air Force identity.
 His ability to adapt to my level of understanding and ability to communicate ensured that miscommunication was rare, and when it did occur, it was quickly identified and rectified.
His calm disposition, incredible work ethic, and thoughtful problem solving abilities put me at ease even during the most stressful points of the project.
 If I am to work with DXC on a similar project in future, I will ask that Ryan with his professionalism and comprehensive abilities be one of the people placed on the team.”

Daniel Crow, Air Force Brand Manager, No 28 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force


Our development team of 3 successfully researched, designed, built, and tested the app in 8 weeks releasing it in time for the 2019 Australian International Airshow.

My key takeaway's

  • Create many prototypes and often; divergent thinking is a powerful tool.
  • The user journey very much includes the physical experience.
  • Remember the complexity of solutions; don't get caught up in exciting technology.
  • Solidified my design and development pipeline from Adobe XD through to Unity.

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