Product Designer

Mad Paws - Dinner Bowl team

My first 3 months at Mad Paws was working on the Dinner Bowl team. The product was less than a year old and the team operated in start-up fashion; fast, data driven, conversion focused.

My role:
- Product Designer and (supporting) Manager for the Product arm of the Dinner Bowl team
- Develop an understanding and voice of our customer
- Analyse existing experiences and implement improvements

My impact:
- New homepage designs had a direct 30% increase to conversion rate
- Created (design and scripted) an Unbounce landing page template for new products
- Improved the Meal Planner order flow. Embedded design flexibility for future products
- Directly influence business decisions by providing user perspective and impact assessments on proposed changes


This can be either a gif of the original site being used - changing to the new site being used, or a side by side still


The first thing I decided to focus on was speaking to customers of Dinner Bowl to get a broad understanding of their experience, needs, and pain points.

I did detailed and deep contextual enquiries of our current customers, in a bid to generate a wealth of knowledge about them, and illuminate focus areas for improvement.


  • Google Meet
  • Internal recruiting
  • Dovetail
  • Miro
  • Figma

Key learnings:

  1. I went too big too soon. Too many participants meant for very slow turn around.
  2. The participants were not the right ones. We needed non-customers.
  3. Many assumptions around the top of funnel experience and the account experience were validated.
  4. Our customers liked the product but had very clear pain points, illuminating a few key opportunity areas
  5. Tagging taxonomies are very important for synthesising data cleanly and presenting findings in an articulate way


Show the Miro board synthesis of the data and the Dovetail tags

Kibble - my first official product

In this particular quarter, we set an OKR (outcome and key result) to launch our own brand of Kibble to the market.

Kibble webpage

I was directly involved in:

  • Validating that customers wanted Kibble
  • The sales model - how do customers want to buy and consume this product
  • The update of the homepage to facilitate launch
  • The creation and integration of a new page for the Kibble product