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game designer

Game Designer

Expedition Escape Rooms

Expedition Escape rooms in Canberra Australia wanted to build a third escape room experience. The owner was looking for someone to assist in redesigning an existing concept and assist in building the experience. 

I was brought on board as a qualified expert in the field of Game Design to deconstruct the existing design and build a new narrative and puzzle experience. My experience in woodwork and construction was also utilised to construct the room.

The Experience

We carefully crafted the narrative and puzzle design of Lost in Paradise over the course of 11 months. Extensive market research was conducted to develop a good understanding of where the experiences of other rooms were at and where we wanted this room to sit. 

We then conducted user research to learn what our customers wanted to play and ensured we frequently brought people through to play test what we had designed and built so far.

The design of the room was very careful to include details that helped make the experience feel as authentic as possible. The design's of puzzles aimed to interconnect with the narrative, but also connect with one another to add additional layers of satisfaction when solving the puzzles.

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My learning's

We completed the room and released it to the public with great success but a lot was learnt throughout the process

  • Many products as services are never complete. Fixes and redesign's need to happen regularly
  • User feedback is invaluable and can really uncover unexpected bugs or results
  • Don't get attached to an idea or approach as it can cause more problems or challenges down the line
  • Psychology has a huge part to play in game design